Faculty of Dentistry

Our faculty, which was established in 1963 as the second dentistry school in Turkey, is today the most prominent Faculty of Dentistry in our country. Our students who graduated from our faculty; It is our main duty to train individuals and the society as well-trained, foresighted, respectful, participatory physicians with high aesthetic values in the development of oral health.

In the first two years, our students take courses in Basic Medical Sciences, Introductory Dentistry, and Practical Laboratory Applications.

In the third year, Phantom Laboratory Trainings and Clinical Preparation courses are completed together with the Science Courses in Dentistry, in which clinical knowledge and skills are acquired to provide treatment services to patients.

In the fourth and fifth years, students perform clinical treatment practices in which they reinforce their knowledge and skills by personally applying the treatments of the patients under the supervision of competent faculty members and staff.

Ana Bilim Dallarımız

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