Ankara State Conservatory

Founded by the order of Atatürk, the first conservatory of the Republic celebrates its 84th anniversary today. The Conservatory, which has trained many artists and scientists who have made a name for themselves both in the national and international arena, is the source of all art institutions in our country, as well as other official and private art societies. The Conservatory, whose name is mentioned with the most important names of Contemporary Turkish Art; It continues to contribute to the Turkish art life at the highest level, both with the valuable instructors working under its roof and the artists and scientists it has trained.


  • Caz Ana Sanat Dalı
  • Kompozisyon ve Orkestra Şefliği Ana Sanat Dalı
  • Piyano Ana Sanat Dalı
  • Üflemeli ve Vurmalı Çalgılar Ana Sanat Dalı
  • Yaylı Çalgılar Ana Sanat Dalı
  • Bale Ana Sanat Dalı
  • Opera Ana Sanat Dalı
  • Tiyatro Ana Sanat Dalı
  • Müzikoloji Ana Sanat Dalı
  • Müzik Teorileri Ana Sanat Dalı
  • Müzik Teknolojisi Ana Sanat Dalı

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