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Research Begins in Undergraduate Education

Hacettepe, which was declared a Research University with the decision of YÖK on September 26, 2017, has become Turkey’s gateway to universal science by gaining the status of a brand university with its qualified and original contributions and contributions to Turkish science in the 52 years since its establishment. Tens of thousands of graduates, each of whom is a source of pride, have made a name for our country with their contributions to science, society, humanity and world achievements.
Research at Hacettepe begins in undergraduate education. Many national and international social, technological, cultural and historical research and projects are carried out with students. Offering a unique research environment with its libraries, laboratories, informatics facilities, research and application centers to researchers from all levels, Hacettepe puts all these opportunities and knowledge into community service with its faculty members and graduates who have been trained with these opportunities.

A multidisciplinary approach comes first among the features that make Hacettepe University unique and special, which makes a difference with its firsts. Hacettepe University, which provides a wide range of contemporary and qualified education from medicine-health sciences to social-humanities, from science-engineering sciences to fine arts and conservatory, differs from all other higher education institutions in our country with this aspect. Professionals who discover, question, analyze and understand the problems of humanity and solve them using their knowledge are trained in Hacettepe.