International University

Years of Experience

  • There are 6 graduate students per faculty member, and each faculty member graduates an average of one doctorate student in 5 years,
  • One of every 4 academicians in the research assistant staff has a doctorate degree,
  • 22 percent of the total number of students are graduate and doctoral students,
  • More than 60 percent of its academic staff have spent a period of their academic life at universities such as Stanford, Harvard, Cambridge, Cornell,
  • Offering an excellent environment for interdisciplinary studies with well-equipped academic staff specific to different science disciplines,
  • Second in Web of Science SCI, SSCI, A&HCI in terms of number of publications; The most important indicator of the publications is in the citations, which ranks first with a significant difference, excluding self-citations,
  • Considering the university “h-index” value, which shows the quality of publication, it has been in the first place among universities in Turkey with a value of 147 since 1980,
  • It is noteworthy that science and engineering sciences cooperate closely with this field, which mostly publishes in the field of medicine and health sciences,
  • Ranking in the top 500 in the world in 5 fields according to URAP,
  • Having bilateral cooperation agreements with 206 institutions from 29 countries for the development and improvement of researcher human resources,
  • Having a strong international exchange and cooperation program,

It is an INTERNATIONAL university.

International Students

Representing Turkey with the highest rankings in international rankings and succeeding to be among the best universities in the world in many fields, Hacettepe has become a preferred university not only in our country but also in the international arena.

Hacettepe, which provides a wide range of contemporary and qualified education from medicine-health sciences to social-human sciences, from science-engineering sciences to fine arts, from conservatory to sports, is different from all other universities in our country in this respect. Hacettepe University, 98 undergraduate, 270 graduate, 238 doctoral programs; double major and minor opportunities, as well as training in the fields of vocational education, science-technology, arts and sports; It offers an excellent working and living environment for your personal and social development.

Hacettepe University, which is at the top of the list of preferred universities in the world with its possessions and offers, has exceeded 2,100 international students, 924 of whom are studying at postgraduate level, from more than 80 countries from all continents.

You can find detailed information on the application process and conditions for international student status at .

Exchange Programs

Hacettepe University has a strong international exchange and cooperation program. Hacettepe provides its students with the opportunity to gain unforgettable academic, vital and cultural experiences, whether with the European Union Erasmus+, YÖK Mevlana or Farabi exchange programs or bilateral exchange agreements.

The European Union pointed to Hacettepe as the university that implements the Erasmus+ program best. Hacettepe University, which has 648 active Erasmus+ agreements, sends hundreds of students abroad every year to take part in internships, education and short-long-term projects with various projects carried out.

Hacettepe University, which has a Mevlana Exchange protocol with 66 universities and Farabi Exchange protocol with 93 universities, has been working with Japan, Ukraine, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia within the framework of Mevlana Project-Based Exchange Program with natural and herbal products, molecular pharmacology and drug researches, renewable energy sources, nuclear has applied for a joint project on energy and sustainable smart cities.

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