Why Hacettepe?

Hacettepe is an international university with nearly 50 thousand students, including international students from more than 80 countries from all continents, and faculty members who transfer their knowledge and experience to Hacettepe, most of whom have spent a period of their academic life abroad at prestigious universities.

It has a dynamic environment with its academic members known for their scientific publications, innovative and multidisciplinary education programs, unique libraries, classrooms and laboratories, campuses and social, cultural and sportive opportunities. Hacettepe University’s national and international exchange programs offer students the opportunity to get to know different environments and different cultures.

Hacettepe University students begin their university life in colorful and safe campuses. Student societies, a wide range of opportunities and activities are the first step towards establishing new friendships and a colorful university life. With its dormitories, cafeterias, sports and health facilities, culture and congress centers, Hacettepe provides all the services that a university should have to its students.

More than 180 thousand graduates and their success stories, which can be found all over the world, are one of Hacettepe University’s leading references. Hacettepe University teaching staff consists of researcher and productive academicians who direct science and art.

Hacettepe University Libraries are not only the best academic library in Turkey but also in the world rankings. Classrooms at Hacettepe University are designed to ensure active participation. The campuses are equipped with fully equipped training laboratories where a wide variety of application studies are carried out.

Literature, engineering, medicine, economics and administrative sciences, health sciences, conservatory, pharmacy, dentistry, sports sciences, education, natural sciences, law, fine arts, while wandering around the campuses, sheltering in their dormitories, eating in their cafeterias, chatting in recreational areas or playing sports. There is no other university in our country where you can meet the students studying at the faculties of arts at the same time.

Hacettepe students have the opportunities and privileges offered by such a rich academic diversity.

Hacettepe University offers thousands of different courses in a wide range from medicine to educational sciences, from engineering to health sciences, from social sciences to natural sciences, from sports sciences to arts. With these courses, students are prepared both for professional and social life and for their future careers.