Career Opportunities

Hacettepe University students graduate as well-educated, well-equipped individuals with advanced social skills. Your relationship with Hacettepe University does not end when you receive your diploma. When you graduate from Hacettepe, you join a global alumni community of more than 180 thousand. Founders, artists, businessmen, musicians, world-renowned doctors, world-renowned scientists, writers, poets, politicians, leaders, filmmakers… No matter where you go in the world, when it is learned that you are from Hacettepe University and from Hacettepe, doors open and connections are made.

No matter which department you graduate from, the “Hacettepe diploma” prepares you for a wide range of careers and Hacettepe University Career Development and Application Center (KARMER) helps you find the next best step. KARMER is a unit that supports its students, graduates, academic and administrative staff to have a successful career, mediates the gathering of successful students and graduates, employers and graduates, and provides career development services within the university. The main purpose of KARMER is to assist Hacettepe University students in their career planning; to help them adapt to working life from high school to university, from university to working life, and to settle in jobs suitable for their characteristics after graduation, through career counseling, and to employ Hacettepe University graduates at national/international level.

The Career Center supports students with their post-graduation plans. It helps students to focus on jobs that fit their goals. Provides one-on-one counseling on topics such as learning job-seeking behaviors, preparing for job applications and job interviews, and writing a resume. It frequently brings students together with the leading organizations of different sectors every year, provides continuous support for them to have a successful career, and closely monitors processes that require them to gain external experience such as internship and workplace training.

KARMER also offers Career Counseling for university candidates. Interest, talent and other personality traits of candidates are defined by using inventories prepared based on theoretical approaches adopted in the career centers of the world’s best universities; Information about undergraduate programs that are compatible with their characteristics are given, and they are helped to make a university decision with a holistic approach, taking into account their order of success as well as other characteristics.

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