Academic Information

Scholarship Opportunities

The supports provided to our students are grouped into three groups as state-funded supports, supports provided by non-governmental organizations and other supports.

State-supported contributions, scholarships and loans are provided by the Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution. Applications for contributions and loans are made directly to the Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution by the student. Scholarship and loan amounts are determined each year by the General Directorate of the Credit and Hostels Institution.

Part-time Student Employment Program is implemented at Hacettepe University. Students can also benefit from the scholarships of other public institutions, organizations and non-governmental organizations. This information is announced by the Student Affairs Office Scholarship Coordinator at the beginning of each academic year.

Among the students who are placed in the first place by choosing Hacettepe University, the following opportunities are provided to the students who are ranked in Turkey in their own score type (excluding TYT score type);

  • Free accommodation in Hacettepe Guesthouses for students who are among the top 10,
  • Free accommodation in student dormitories for students who are among the top 100,
  • Free three meals a day for students who enter the programs they are placed in in the first 3 places.

These supports continue during the normal education period of the program they have won, depending on the academic success determined by our University.

Moreover; The Department of Health, Culture and Sports provides financial support to our students with insufficient financial situation, with the decision of the University Administrative Board, with accommodation aid, nutrition aid and Part-time Student Employment Program. Insurance premiums and wages of our students who are employed within the scope of the Part-Time Study Program are paid.